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Who Are We ?

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Tanisha Smith, Founder

Tanisha Smith is the Founder and Executive Director of Helping Hands, Change Hearts (HHCH).She is a Bay Area native who has always been passionate about helping people. This drive started as early as 11 years old for her. 

She became a teen parent at the age of 16 and was determined not to let that stop her from pursuing her dreams of helping people. She managed to graduate with honors with her Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and a Master of Science Degree in Human Resources. She now has over 20 years of Human Resources experience, and over 7 in Executive Leadership roles. She is a business owner, mother of 5 and she has even fulfilled other families dreams of having children by being a surrogate for them, twice.

Tanisha saw how hard it was for her mother to raise her children and had a hard time raising her own. Along the way, she discovered many programs to help her progress but it was not always easy figuring out where to start first. Tanisha and her daughter, Breonnie Barros set out to start this organization with a mission in mind to make it easier for people to find the many resources and people available in their community that could benefit them personally and professionally.

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Breonnie Barros, Co-Founder

Breonnie is currently a teaching assistant for the Hayward Unified School district where she works with autistic youth. She has worked with youth and their families since she was in High School and she is well known for her kind and gentle spirit.


Breonnie is also licensed to sell tiny homes which they envision incorporating selling more homes to allow low and middle-class families the ability to be a homeowner.

Both Tanisha and Breonnie, enjoy teaming up to volunteer. They believe that one non-profit organization cannot change the world but by teaming up with others, the impact will be life-changing for millions.


Bev Avery, COO

Beverly Avery is the Chief Operating Officer of Helping Hands, Change Hearts (HHCH). Born a CODA, Child of Deaf Adults, Bev developed a strong sense of community providing sign language interpretation for her mother and friends at an early age.


Mother of four grown adults, Bev became the surrogate mother to her children’s friends and classmates because of her belief in the proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child.” That ethic carried over into her professional background.


She became fascinated with computers  and computer installation as a teen.  Utilizing that ability along with over 30+ years of experience in the administrative and customer service field, Bev is the Operations & IT Manager of Groundswell Fund.

In 2015, founded Sleeping Bags 4 Homeless, and in four years, raised almost $17k handing out over 550 sleeping bags, 750 care packages, not to exclude the 100s of blankets, clothing, food and water handed out by over 125 volunteers. She also sits on the Board for the Michael Anthony Foundation.

Bev is excited to join Helping Hands Change Hearts and continue to make a difference in the community.

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